Count the Number of Words within a Range using VBA in Microsoft Excel

Enter the following code into VBA.

Sub CountWords()
    Dim MyRange As Range
    Dim CellCount As Long
    Dim TotalWords As Long
    Dim NumWords As Integer
    Dim Raw As String

    Set MyRange = ActiveSheet.Range(ActiveWindow.Selection.Address)
    TotalWords = 0
    For CellCount = 1 To MyRange.Cells.Count
            If Not MyRange.Cells(CellCount).HasFormula Then
                Raw = MyRange.Cells(CellCount).Value
                Raw = Trim(Raw)
                If Len(Raw) > 0 Then   
                    NumWords = 1
                    NumWords = 0
                End If
                While InStr(Raw, " ") > 0
                    Raw = Mid(Raw, InStr(Raw, " "))
                    Raw = Trim(Raw)
                    NumWords = NumWords + 1
                TotalWords = TotalWords + NumWords
            End If
        Next CellCount
        MsgBox "There are " & TotalWords & " words in the selection."
End Sub

Select a range of cells and then run the macro - the macro will count the number of words in the selected range and display the result inside a message box.

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